(Some) Face Pictures – 2nd June

trioatemThe ever-wonderful Trio Atem will perform a selection from my ‘Seven Face Pictures‘ at the Nip & Tipple bar in Manchester this Sunday the 2nd June. Scored for mezzo-soprano, flute and cello, the piece is a song cycle on the poetry of Caroline Bird, and has been performed by Trio Atem several times since they premiered it in 2011. The Trio are starting at 4pm, and are also featuring music by Eleri Pound, Larry Goves, Mic Spencer & their own singer, Nina Whiteman.

In other news, I have completed my ensemble piece for the Philharmonia Orchestra, commissioned by the Royal Philharmonic Society. It is entitled Four Perpetual Motions, and you can read about it here. It will be premiered at the Royal Festival Hall on the 27th June, conducted by Rüdiger Bohn alongside works by Arne Gieshoff and Christopher McAteer.