Limp‘He walked with a pronounced limp…
L-I-M-P, pronounced limp
– Spike Milligan

This piece explores rhythms with a 3:2 ratio (for instance a dotted crotchet and a crotchet) whose lopsided, unequal gait evokes a limping rhythm. There is a fair amount of experimentation with metre, tempo and co-ordination, with 3:2 rhythms at various speeds, linked by fifth-based harmony.


21 May 2012 Helen Tonge (violin) & Richard Whalley (piano)
World premiere
Chorlton Arts Festival, Manchester, UK
2 May 2013 Helen Tonge (violin) & Richard Whalley (piano)
Cosmo Rodewald Hall, Manchester, UK
7 Dec 2015 Darragh Morgan (violin) & Mary Dullea (piano)
The Forge, London, UK
20 Oct 2016 Darragh Morgan (violin) & Mary Dullea (piano)
Cosmo Rodewald Hall, Manchester, UK

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  • Instrumentation violin & piano
  • Duration 8 mins
  • Year 2012
  • Commission
    Written for Richard Whalley & Helen Tonge
  • Score & Parts
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