Posted on 18 Dec 2011

Niccolò Castiglioni Prize – 23rd May

Having been travelling to Milan over the last few months as part of the Niccolò Castiglioni Prize, I have now been selected for the final of the competition, and will write a chamber work for members of Trio Magritte and clarinettist Paolo Beltramini. The piece will be for clarinet, cello and piano, and will be premiered at a concert on the 23rd May at the Centro Culturale San Fedele in Milan, and also workshopped in a masterclass led by Johannes Schöllhorn in March. Manuel Contreras, Yair Klartag, Naomi Pinnock, Samy Moussa and Maurizio Azzan are the other finallists selected. You can read all about the participants here, but only if you can decipher the Italian…